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adults of all ages

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The Bingo Rave for Adults of All Ages…


On arrival at the venue you’ll be provided with a bingo book and pen.

There will be two rounds of bingo each night, with three ways to win in each round, meaning there are a minimum of 6 prizes on offer! Successful Bingo callers will have their card checked by Gringo’s assistant and if the numbers are correct, you win the prize!

  • The first prize is for one line - the first person to get all the numbers in one horizontal line win the first prize!
  • The second prize is for two lines - the first person with two lines and to shout Bingo will win the prize. These two lines must be within the same house and must be horizontal.
  • The third prize is for a full house, all the numbers in one house.

In the event that more than one player calls Bingo, the winners must compete for the prize on stage, and that is where the fun begins!

Each round finishes when someone wins the full house. Each number called out will be on your card somewhere. They are from 1 to 90. Numbers are organised in columns to make them easy to find (0-9, 10-19, 20-29…)

When a number is called out, circle the number on your card. Each Bingo call will be checked against the numbers read out already.

If you have BINGO make sure you stand up on your chair and shout out the word “bingo” as loud as you can until you get the attention of our crew! If you don’t shout loud enough, you will be missed! If you get behind on your numbers, they will be up on the screens in the building. Remember, pay attention! If you call out bingo at the wrong time, there will be consequences…

Good luck!